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PRID enable If he's still not there: Their bodies will not vanish upon death and you can retrieve their shields and swords. However, all of the generic dialogue is specific to Cyrodiil, and is disabled when the player enters the Shivering Isles. If you have completed the Shivering Isles Main Quest and usurped Sheogorath, you will not be able to go to jail to pay off your fines. To fix it, just cast Summon Haskill. Consequently, if you attack one of them, he will shout "I'm on your side!
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Currently, the only known fixes are: Or sign in with one of these services. After killing Syl's double, if the Staff of Worms is used on the double the game will now count her as Syl, meaning when she dies you get a quest message saying you should now take her heart. This will break your invisibility and allow you to move. Also, ensure you are entering the Palace Ground on the correct side:
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SetCrimeGold 0 command can be used. Moving to general section as this really has nothing to do with lovers with pk. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. PayFine thief console command, removing your bounty. Whereas all previous methods of exploiting this glitch involved one-time specific quest events or racking up some jail-time , the ring can be used over and over again, on every equippable quest item in the game if you so choose. You only have the options to "Fight Guard", equivalent to Resist Arrest , "Go with Guard", in which they will take you to the New Sheoth Graveyard, confiscating any stolen items, and trusting you to sort the matter out "in your own time, in your own way", leaving you with your bounty , or "Pay Reparations" the same as "Pay Gold" in Cyrodiil, you pay off your bounty and have all of your stolen items confiscated — unless they are quest items, such as the Boots of Springheel Jack, if you have not given them to the Gray Fox in the required quest. Sometimes Haskill won't talk.
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Description:Go to the opposite location from which you did the quest and attack one of the guards. This rare item removes all of your equipped gear when you put it on. Because of this, if you had previously reached your level cap due to maxing out your attributes, you can now level up again, and if you level up while suffering from Felldew addiction, you can increase previously maxed attributes and at the mission's conclusion when your attributes are restored, these additions stay. If the player is moving into a new cell, the NPCs loaded into that cell may have their body meshes duplicated. When the new Gatekeeper is ready for battle , it will immediately be attacked by a handful of Knights and Priests of Order. The Reference Bug is a game ending bug that occurs after 50 to hours of gameplay on PC and on Xbox as well. See Addiction quest bugs for solution details.

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